As seniors, you want to use modern technology, stay connected with family and friends and have a phone that works with your specific needs, am I right?

You want a phone that can enhance your daily life, have an easy to use interface with the ability to enlarge text, have easy to press buttons, use voice commands and have easy to use apps to organize your life and share the things you care about.

iPhone For Seniors

The iPhone is likely your best bet! It is a great choice for seniors due to its user-friendly interface, accessibility features, and reliability. With features like Siri voice commands, larger text options, and built-in assistive technology, the iPhone is designed to accommodate seniors’ specific needs. Moreover, the iPhone offers a range of health-related features, such as the Health app and emergency SOS, which can provide seniors with added peace of mind and support for their overall wellbeing.

iPhone Apps for seniors

  • Magnifying Glass + Flashlight
  • Blood Pressure App – SmartBP
  • More to come on this list…

Jitterbug Smart 3

The Jitterbug phones have been great for seniors the majority of people have cut the cord on landlines and everyone has a cell phone now.

The Jitterbug Smart 3 has a large screen, list based menu, easy to use voice commands and loud speaker making it an ideal choice for seniors.

Check out this full review

The Jitterbug has a long list of features from a company that is familiar with the needs of seniors.

Do you have suggestions for the best cell phones for seniors? Let me know in the comments!

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