woman using cell phone in sauna

Cell phone in a sauna, is it a good idea or a bad idea?

for the best answer ask yourself these questions:

How old is my phone?

Is the battery health good or is it on it’s way out?

Is my phone going to get wet?

Are other people going to be comfortable with me having my phone in the sauna?

Cell phone in a sauna is generally ok!

if you’re not in the sauna for too long it should be just fine bringing your phone with you. In fact you may get more benefit being entertained so you can stay in and sweat a little longer.

If your phone starts to heat up, and it feels hotter than the environment you’re in, it’s time to turn it off and maybe take out your phone.

You may even want to check the battery health in your setting, because getting hot is commonly a sign the battery health is declining

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